is an incredible website with online video tutorials about just about anything. I know what you are thinking the promo video is silly, but it’s just true. The tutorials are good enough to get you well versed in the software. However keep in mind just knowing the software doesn’t make you a creative professional, knowing it well enough that you can get paid to use it makes you a creative professional. Always strive to push outside of the box. If you have an assignment to follow – tweak it, make it your own or do it again 100% on your own. That is how you go from being a passive learner to an active creative professional.

Pros: has an incredible library where you can learn about anything related to the web or beyond.

Cons: does not really have testing features to test your code, also the tutorials seem to be written for the lowest common denominator at times, have a slow pace, and can be hard to relate to real life scenarios. You will need to practice a lot to make this knowledge into anything.


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