Team Tree House

Team Tree House

Team Tree House is a better quality, curated and catered learning experience for web developers and designers. Not only are the lessons more geared to techie folk, there are some fun elements including tests, bonus content that you can unlock and learning levels making it a bit like a game. Now those bonuses are actually pretty effective in the sense that you are encouraged to practice your skills in their sandbox environment which allows you to actually write code and get it “reviewed” which is usually a verbatim test which is not the best in the world but it’s actually pretty nice when you are trying to learn a new syntax.

The resources here are of really high quality and the projects are actually something that you wouldn’t mind putting on your portfolio once you’ve added your personal touch. This means that the knowledge you are gaining is just inherently going to perceived as more valuable because you don’t have to imagine how to apply it to a real world scenario, it just is the way it needs to be.

Famous people are on the site. One of the greatest things about this site is the bonus content available to unlock or purchase that includes several hour long interviews, webinars and discussions with industry leaders. Famous people who are way ahead of the game, and you get a chance to either pick their brain or at least hear what they have to say. Unless your company throws money around for you to go to creative conferences you might not get a chance to experience this kind of content, so in that way it is truly unique.

Made by nerds, for nerds.
-My quote about Team Tree House


This is an incredible website for learning code, new languages etc. You can download the lessons, exercise files and take them on the go without a separate app needed which is pretty nice. The price point can be a barrier but I’d say pay for a month, download what you can and work through what you’ve got. Then when you are a big deal person working for an employer who values innovation, ask them to foot the bill.


They are just getting going so their library is somewhat limited, and they have no where near the amount of content that say a has. However it’s not all about quantity and their work is of quality.



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