W3 Schools

W3 Schools

Now I know when you see this website you are going to think, wow this is a resource for web design, not so pretty. Ok they have been around forever and I know it seems like an information overload but actually w3schools has some incredible resources on just getting started and you will constantly go back here as a reference because it’s simply got the good stuff.

This website is like your dictionary, you will come back to reference, what is the difference between and <li> vs a <dl> etc. There is a directory with every single piece of code even the deprecated ones, remember <strike> ha adorable. Anyways modern browsers don’t support some of that old school business, but you can still look back in time and reminisce.


This website is pretty amazing, it’s got a ton of resources, and the beginner tutorials are great for the person who is like what is an HTML? Use the side navigation and check out the code indexes. When you are first learning CSS this is going to really help you remember which elements are block elements and which are not.


The site is a bit of a cluster so it can be hard to find some things and their search is a standard in site google search. Also the tutorials can be a bit beginner for people who are more familiar with the internet. They might not be advanced enough and they only show you a very small piece of the bigger picture.



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