Do Schools Kill Creativity?

I love this particular TED talk because it is there to inspire all you creative people. If you were thinking about going into a creative profession and you decided to do something practical to pay the bills think again. Also if you think education is the barrier between you and your creative career think again.

Firstly, if you are creative you have something unique that not everyone has. Some people are just creative, some are mathematical some are geniuses. This is just how things are. Well if you are creative and you enjoy being so, then you might want to pursue a creative career.

Now I’m not saying that everyone makes it, just because you have a million dollar idea it doesn’t make you a millionaire. However, there are so many opportunities out there in creative professions now that you might as well dive in. Many do not require a degree. I do not have a computer science degree and I am a creative front-end web developer, web designer, ux and ui designer, call it what you like I get paid to make pretties on the internet.

Essentially all those artificial boundaries you thought were there are in fact not. You could go to school and get a degree but it will no more help you to land the job then changing your hair style. Your work is what is going to show an employer you are of value. If I say I can design a wedding invitation no one asks me, well can I see your degree. No. They say oh really, can I see one you’ve done.

Now go out there and start being creative.


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