If you are more interested in the design aspect than code that is totally fine. There are plenty of jobs that are only focused on design where you need little to no coding knowledge.

Graphic Design is a pretty broad term including both web and print design work. It’s also interesting to note how the print world is colliding with the web world and designs are intermingling between the two.

Get inspired because are are some design resources that are going to change your outlook on the web.

  • Behance
    • The premiere portfolio and inspiration location for any art professional. From fashion photography to comic book illustration you’ll see it all on Behance. Go to be inspired, but also create yourself an account and start uploading your work today. Don’t worry if you are just a beginner. This is how you will grow. Also you’ll look back to this work later and see how far you’ve come.
  • Dribbble
    • This is more focused toward web design and logo design as well as UX and UI. The site has an interesting premise. It is invite only for an account to post work and uses basketball metaphors for its competitions. Some top designers can be found here.
  • Deviant Art
    • Now Deviant Art has many talented artists, but also has lots of amateurs as well so you may be sifting through work before you find something inspirational, however it is a wonderful artist community to get involved in. Start posting as soon as possible. The feedback is so valuable.
  • Blue Canvas
    • This is more of a fine arts community but is another destination for inspiration. This is a great place to get feedback about your fine art. This is not a place to put your graphic design, it is a fine art community.

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