Blue Canvas

Blue Canvas: This is more of a fine arts community but is another destination for inspiration. This is a great place to get feedback about your fine art. This is not a place to put your graphic design, it is a fine art community.


Do Schools Kill Creativity?

I love this particular TED talk because it is there to inspire all you creative people. If you were thinking about going into a creative profession and you decided to do something practical to pay the bills think again. Also if you think education is the barrier between you and your creative career think again.

Firstly, if you are creative you have something unique that not everyone has. Some people are just creative, some are mathematical some are geniuses. This is just how things are. Well if you are creative and you enjoy being so, then you might want to pursue a creative career.

Now I’m not saying that everyone makes it, just because you have a million dollar idea it doesn’t make you a millionaire. However, there are so many opportunities out there in creative professions now that you might as well dive in. Many do not require a degree. I do not have a computer science degree and I am a creative front-end web developer, web designer, ux and ui designer, call it what you like I get paid to make pretties on the internet.

Essentially all those artificial boundaries you thought were there are in fact not. You could go to school and get a degree but it will no more help you to land the job then changing your hair style. Your work is what is going to show an employer you are of value. If I say I can design a wedding invitation no one asks me, well can I see your degree. No. They say oh really, can I see one you’ve done.

Now go out there and start being creative.

Deviant Art


Deviant Art is an artist community for many types of art. It is a large and very open community of artists and has a lot of inspirational work. It also has a lot of amateur work so you may need to dig if you are looking for something cutting edge. Deviant art is also an excellent resource for fonts, patterns, brushes, psd templates and much more.

Graphic Design

Graphic Design comes in two flavors – Web and Print.

Print Design

Print design comes with its own rules and principles. Print typography is very different from web typography but you may see some cross over. Graphic Design of the print variety has a slightly different aesthetic but requires the same design eye, and ability to organize information.

Software you will need to know for print: Illustrator, In Design, Photoshop are a great start.

Web Design

Web Design is a different beast. There are many web designers who do not know how to code, but they do understand the underlying fundamentals of user behavior and expected behavior. So for example having the login information at the upper right hand of the page is not required, but you would expect it to be there. If you surf the web a lot and look at many examples of sites you will get the gist of what a user is going to expect. Now take that and add a sprinkle of creativity and you’ve got web design.

Software you will need to know for web design is: Photoshop, Illustrator – maybe Dreamweaver and Adobe Muse. You may also want to learn some wire framing and prototyping software.