Learn HTML

First place to start in your web carrier is with learning HTML, and technically this is going to be HTML 5 although you may want to know the restrictions of previous forms of HTML as some companies require you to be pretty backwards compatible. Essentially there are so many places to learn html but I will list for you my favorites.

  1. W3Schools
    This site is a great reference later but also has some of the greatest online tutorials for very beginners, you can also test your code. These are not video tutorials.
  2. Lynda.com
    This is simply a really great place to learn just about anything. HTML is no exception, this is also a great place for beginners, on top of that the tutorials are video tutorials by vetted teachers so it might be like taking a class.
  3. Team Tree House
    Team Tree House is one of the better online tutorial sites out there geared for web designers and developers. Their modern approach is refreshing and their projects are of high quality.

Okay so what do you mean by Learn HTML

Learn HTML is a pretty vague way of putting it, and there is so much to learn by and technically you could get by with pretty little depending on your application. Essentially the most important part is the foundation, really understanding the syntax and the structure. Why should we only use one H1 – well some search engines would rank this information as more important so it is good to accommodate and write your code with this structure and hierarchy in mind.

Another really great thing to consider when learning HTML is learning how to make it accessible for blind users. Accessibility is highly valued by state and government employers not to mention is just good practice and also helps your SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Accessibility has so many restrictions that if you are attempting to conform you will inherently write much better code, it will be organized, hierarchical and most importantly valid, which will save you headaches later when you are wondering why it doesn’t work in IE. This really helps you understand the old school internet and ensure backwards compatibility.